Lion Heart Gaming logos, badges, icons, titles, wallpapers, and other branding paraphernalia.

Permitted and encouraged use of Lion Heart Gaming Branding:

  • Showing your Lion Heart Gaming spirit on:
    • A broadcast or video overlay (Member of Lion Heart Gaming)
    • A profile picture (Showing complete image in all circumstances and possibilities of viewing)
  • Using as a wallpaper for your electronic devices
  • Creating fan art for Lion Heart Gaming.

All images are subject to copyrights of 2017, Devin Helgeson. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

You may not recolor, resize, or alter any of the following branding materials in anyway unless given specific written permission by Lion Heart Gaming. If you include the following images in your own content you must 1) Credit “Lion Heart Gaming” and 2) show the entire image at best quality possible. You may make the images below slightly transparent, with an opacity level of 192 minimum.

If you are unsure of any of the above rules and regulations about using Lion Heart Gaming branding, please Contact us.

If you need any other size please Contact us for either the .svg file or a .png with the appropriate ppi.


Bluion: #015670 | 1,86,112
Greyish: #2C2F33 | 44,47,51
Grey: #23272A | 35,39,42